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The Sichuan International Medical Exchange and Promotion Association (SCIMEA) is comprised of many topnotch medical facilities, biological and pharmaceutical research institutions. It is the top-grade organization that supervised by the Sichuan Association for Science and Technology.

SCIMEA now has over 2000 specialist members from 100 universities and hospitals, including many well-known universities and hospitals,as well as biological and pharmaceutical research institutions in the universities: West China Hospital of Sichuan University, West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University, West China Hospital of Stomatology of Sichuan University, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, Chengdu University of TCM, The affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, North Sichuan Medical College, Sichuan Provincial People`s Hospital, Sichuan Cancer Hospital. Our members have covered almost all the regional medical centers and tertiary referral hospitals across the province. Our members have strong biomedical research capacities which had around 3000 articles published in international journals every year. The number of SCI-indexed papers and Nature Index papers published by West China Hospital of Sichuan University rank top 1 among all medical institutes nationally. Nature Index papers of West China Hospital ranked from 56th to 36th among the global medical institutions. Each year the National/State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy published over 500 high quality articles on the international journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Communication, Nature Chemical Biology, PNAS and Cancer Research. Members have won many national and ministerial/provincial-level Science and Technology Awards, and secured various grants from the major national funding agencies.


Our members take international exchange and collaboration very seriously, and have developed good cooperative relationships with hundreds of medical schools and research institutions all around the world. SCIMEA is a professional association that offer our members a platform for medical exchange and academic development, including organizing high-quality international seminars, interaction and communication between scholars, international exchange of advanced technology and achievements. We are also committed to founding high standard international medical journal, and bringing Chinese medical journal to an unprecedented level.


Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy was jointly launched with Springer Nature by Professor Yu-quan Wei, President of SCIMEA/ Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it has been indexed by SCI in a relatively short time. It has become one of the world-leading publications in the signal transduction and targeted therapy field. Furthermore, the other two SCI journals International Journal of Oral Science and Bone Research that founded by one of our members, Professor Zhou Xuedong. Also, they were jointly published with Springer Nature.


The mission of SCIMEA will focus on building international academic exchange platform. The core value is to enhance research capacity and medical level, integrate outstanding medical resources and promote medical development of National Health Commission of the People`s Republic of China.

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