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27 Aug 2019
Activity Review | "With This Method, Clinical Research is More Efficient!"

On June 14, 2019, sponsored by the Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association, a lecture entitled "Medical Research's Concise Routines Analysis and Literature Reading Skills" by Lao Xinyuan (nicknamed as Pickles) from HelixLife, was held in the Undergraduate Teaching Building of West China College of Medicine.

Mr. Lao Xinyuan remarked that medical research pays attention to a "modularized thinking in scientific research"; every phenomenon in real life can be deemed as an aggregate or a composition of lower-level and more basic phenomena; therefore, the law of low-level motion can be used to describe the form of advanced motion, that is, reductionism can be used to optimize thinking methods in research.

Subsequently, Mr. "Pickles" used the example of cat and mouse as an example to elaborate the relations between univariate argumentation, binary regulatory relationship, ternary regulatory relationship, downstream link reply and upstream link reply. He also used a large number of literature cases to expound the key points and elements of speed reading of literature.

In the interactive session of the lecture, the audience put forward the doubts and problems encountered in clinical tests, and Mr. "Pickles" answered these questions in detail one by one.

This lecture was successfully concluded under the audience's eyes mirroring their eagerness for medical research knowledge) and unwillingness to part from the lecturer.

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