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22 Aug 2019
Taste Chinese Tea, Feel Chinese Culture | International Students Tea Party


From April 9 to April 10, 2019, the "Taste Chinese Tea, Sense Chinese Culture – International Students Tea Party", jointly hosted by Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA), Sichuan International 

Cultural Exchange Center (SCICEC) and Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was successfully held in the Shierqiao Campus of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The university's overseas students from European countries came to the event site amid soothing Chinese music and refreshing tea scent.


At the beginning of the event, Secretary General Wei Fatong of the SCICEC delivered a speech. After extending a warm welcome to the arrival of foreign students, he said that Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and its traditional art enjoys a long history; each process of tea ceremony, each piece of calligraphy, and each painting contains the Chinese humanistic spirit and philosophy of life; cultural exchanges have no national boundaries, and cultural prosperity requires the joint efforts of all countries and regions. "Long distance separates no bosom friends", Secretary General Wei added. He hopes this event will not only enable the foreign friends to experience the essence of Chinese culture, but promote international cultural exchanges, and further mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between the Chinese and the people of other countries.


Subsequently, Wan Peng, head of International Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, once again expressed their welcome to the foreign guests. This event was joined by Zhang Mengfan, Secretary General of Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association, Wang Xingguo, Vice Chairman of Chengdu Calligraphers Association, Chen Rong, Deputy Secretary General of Chengdu Artists Association, and Liu Xilu, Director of Project Division of Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association.


Four tea art teachers dressed in cheongsam first presented a dance performance – Fragrance of Tea, which perfectly exhibited the combination of the Chinese women's traditional beauty and Chinese tea culture: elegance and grace, smooth and glowing skin, as well as orchid-like refreshing breath. Then the tea art teachers introduced and explained the history, source, grading and efficacy of Chinese tea and several reputed teas unique in China, and demonstrated the traditional Chinese tea making techniques. Later, under their instructions, the international students made in person their first cup of Chinese tea.


Afterwards, Mr. Wang Xingguo and Mr. Chen Rong, the masters in the field of art and culture, demonstrated Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting to the attendees. Mr. Wang's calligraphy work "Harmony is Precious" looks vigorous and forceful, and the giant panda on Mr. Chen's painting "Jiaozi" is charmingly naïve. Everyone present was impressed with admiration.


Mr. Wang and Mr. Chen gifted their works to the international students.


In an active and friendly atmosphere, the representatives of international students also expressed their feelings about this activity: with a long-time admiration of time-honored Chinese history and culture precipitated over 5,000 years, they are grateful to the hosts for providing such a good opportunity for them to participate in such an in-depth and high-level cultural exchange; and it is a honor for them get in touch with such a culture.


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