“Closed-door Salon on International Elderly Health Management” of Sincerity and Compassion Health Management Center Successfully Held


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On March 26, 2021, Sincerity and Compassion Health Management Center, situated in Leading Center, Tianfu Square, Chengdu, welcomed a group of guests from heavyweight companies and organizations in the elderly health management sector from home and abroad. They gathered here to discuss and forecast the development of the elderly health management sector in Chengdu in the context of the “Health China 2030” policy. The event was co-organized by Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (“SCIMEA”) and Sincerity and Compassion Health Management Center (the “Center”), and supported by Chengdu Representative Office of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and China-Japan Friendship Office, and representatives from relevant companies and nursing homes were invited to attend the activity.

A panoramic photo of the salon

The themed salon that day is the first activity of the "Tetralogy of Health Salons" of the Center. The guests present, centering around the health management of the elderly in Chengdu, shared insights from the perspectives of industry development, international exchange, brand communication and hardware & software technology, drawing a health blueprint for the construction and development of the elderly health management sector in Chengdu.

Addressing the needs of the elderly—an urgent task

According to the China Development Report 2020, it is predicted that by 2025, around the completion of the 14th Five-Year Plan, there will be more than 210 million people aged 65 and above in China, accounting for about 15% of the total population. And the relevant statistics of Chengdu in 2019 showed that, the number of people aged over 60 years old in Chengdu has reached more than 3 million. It is foreseeable that in the next few years, China will rapidly step into an aging society due to its demographic structure, and the huge size of the elderly population will then bring a heavy burden to the healthcare and pension insurance of the society.

Against the backdrop of this trend, it is urgent to meet the diversified health needs of the elderly at all levels in the future. In recent years, the core value of China's health care sector is also changing from being centered on treating diseases to focusing on safeguarding people's health.

Domestic and foreign companies and organizations are also seeking innovation. Mr. Tanaka Issei, Chief Representative of Chengdu Representative Office of JETRO, said that Japan is known to be one of the longest-living countries in the world, and is also an extremely advanced and developed country in the field of medical and health care, with rich experience and technology worth learning from. JETRO has already organized and conducted a number of senior care-themed events in China, and introduced various Japanese companies to participate in the 5th China (Chengdu) International Elderly Service Expo in April this year. In the future, JETRO will continue to serve as a facilitator and leader in the exchange and cooperation between China and Japan in the health sector, build a platform to promote two-way investment and trade between enterprises, actively contribute to the openness and cooperation between China and Japan, and seek common development and share opportunities and challenges with Chengdu.

Mr. Tanaka Issei, Chief Representative of Chengdu Representative Office of JETRO, delivers a speech.

A powerful combination to agglomerate efforts

Sincerity and Compassion Health Management Center, the first Japanese-style health examination center in China, was just founded under such context of openness, inclusiveness and cooperation. During the event, Dr. Zhu Jiang from the Center, from the perspective of the differences between Chinese and Japanese medical checkups, explained Japan’s experience and achievements in public health management in an easy-to-hard manner. He started his sharing with the cancer data of China and developed countries such as Japan and the United States. Since the development of health management in 1959, Japan has been attaching great importance to health education and trainings of its people as well as enhancing people's awareness of self-health management. Owing to years of relentless efforts, Japan leads the world in average life expectancy at 84 years for many years.

The Center has introduced the full set of advanced experience and software & hardware equipment of Japanese health examination centers into Chengdu, from design to experience, from care to service and from professionalism to reliability. Through the two regular checkups with accurately selected items provided to its members every year, supplemented by the full-life-cycle health care fulfilled through five health management prescriptions and other innovative services, it is the Center’s hope that it could nip the threats of diseases in the bud.

Dr. Zhu Jiang shares his insight at the scene.

Mr. Gao Yu, Director of the Center, also introduced the differences in the perception of preventive physical examinations between China and Japan from the perspective of daily management. He said that it is a long way to go to shift the awareness from treatment to prevention and to match the corresponding service projects, and the efforts of all parties on the exchange platform are needed to enhance our emphasis on and action for the industry development.

Mr. Gao Yu, Director of Sincerity and Compassion Health Management Center joins in the discussion.

Taking root in Chengdu with a promising future

After the event, Dr. Zhu Jiang showed a group of company guests around to experience the three advantages of “experts, equipment and services”. The Center rigorously and completely introduced a full set of preventive medicine concept and service system, while relying on the other superior hardware & software basis including "Sino-Japanese experts to jointly interpret the report, endoscopy center and imaging center" , with a aim of addressing the needs of high net worth individuals of all ages, as well as earnestly creating the first Japanese-style high-end “health” center in China.

Canon 320-row CT scanner of the Imaging Center

During the visit, the Center had an effective exchange and detailed discussion on its project introduction experience and advantages, the health management in China and Japan, the development of elderly rehabilitation industry, business opportunities and other topics.

Health comes from self-discipline, from which the health journey of everyone can hopefully start.