MedComm Introduction

MedComm is a peer-reviewed, online open access (OA) journal. The journal publishes a wide variety of works that provide novel insights into all aspects of medicine on the basis of novelty, timeliness



Molecular Biomedicine Introduction

Molecular Biomedicine is a peer-reviewed, online open access (OA), multidisciplinary journal that publishes the pioneer works of biomedicine, emphasizing on pathogenic mechanism and innovative


Mol Biomed

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy Introduction

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is an open access journal, which aims to accomplish timely publication of the latest discoveries and progress in both basic science and clinical research



MedComm-Future Medicine | Accelerating the integration of ChatGPT and other large-scale AI models into biomedical research and healthcare

Large-scale AI models. (A) Comparison of large-scale AIs with deep learning and machine learning. (B) Overview of the most recent advanced large-scale AI models and their sizes. A summary of the lates....


MedComm-Future Medicine | Biomarkers of ageing: Current state-of-art, challenges, and opportunities

Ageing biomarkers are categorized based on the data sources utilized, encompassing molecular and cellular profiles, images, clinical measures, and composite data sources. Molecular and cellular biomar....


MedComm-Future Medicine | Recent advances of Transformers in medical image analysis: A comprehensive review

Flow chart of Transformer,1 which consists of positional encoding, Multi-Head Attention and feed-forward network. Copyright permission from Vaswani et al.Recent works have shown that Transformer's exc....


MedComm-Future Medicine | Direct cellular targets and anticancer mechanisms of the natural product oridonin

Direct cellular targets of oridonin and the functions of oridonin-binding proteins. For each protein and associated pathway, the extent of inhibition depends on the concentration of oridonin applied. ....


MedComm-Future Medicine | Antiangiogenic therapy for ocular diseases: Current status and challenges

Ocular neovascular diseases. (A) Normal eye structure. (B) Normal retinal structure of a representative area of a normal eye (the rectangular area in A). (C) In wet age-related macular degeneration (w....


MedComm-Future Medicine | RNA modification pattern-based subtypes reveal heterogenous clinical outcomes and tumor immunity of clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Dysregulation and mutation profile of RNA modification regulators in pan-cancer. (A) The relative expression level of RNA modification regulators across cancer types. (B) The mutation frequencies of R....