Join Hands to Create Future of Psychoradiology|Inaugural Meeting of China Association of Psychoradiology & 2023 Academic Forum Concluded


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The Chinese Association of Psychoradiology (CAP) was initiated by the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and the Institute of Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Intelligence Technology of Shandong First Medical University, and jointly founded with 128 medical institutions in China. “The Inaugural Meeting of Chinese Association of Psychoradiology and the 2023 Academic Forum was successfully concluded in Jinan, the city of springs, on February 26, 2023.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Lv Su from West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CAP. Prof. Jin Zhengyu, Prof. Liu Shiyuan and Prof. Chen Min from Chinese Society of Radiology, Prof. Gong Qiyong from West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chairman of CAP, Secretary Meng Dong of Shandong Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Provincial Hospital) and Academician Lu Lin from Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences) successively delivered opening speeches.

Prof. Lv Su presides over the meeting.

Prof. Gong Qiyong, Chairman of CAP, mentioned in his speech that with the development of human society, various mental diseases have become a new problem for human beings, and psychoradiology is an imaging discipline emerged in response to the current trend. After more than ten years of development, we have seen some progress in China’s psychoradiologic business, but most mental disorders still face urgent problems such as unknown pathogenesis, insufficient objective diagnostic standards, and difficulty to detect or evaluate treatment results. The CAP aims to take psychoradiologic research as a link to jointly promote the high-quality and balanced development of psychoradiology in China and improve the overall level and international influence of psychoradiology through resource sharing, expert interaction, and mutual assistance among members. Besides, it strives to unite psychoradiologic experts nationwide, cooperate and communicate with each other, so as to innovate relevant theories and technologies, continuously improve the level of imaging technology in the field of mental illness, contribute to research and transformation of innovative imaging technologies in the field of mental illness, serve to solve clinical problems, bring benefits to patients with mental illness and their families, and promote the continuous high-level development of psychoradiology, and ultimately help to build a healthy China and promote the development of mental health industry in China and the world.

Prof. Gong Qiyong delivers a speech.

Secretary Meng Dong expressed his warm congratulations on the founding of CAP and the convening of the meeting. Secretary Meng noted that imaging medicine is an important part of clinical medicine, and the two complement each other and together promote the progress of modern medicine. The CAP will promote the in-depth integration of psychoradiology and clinical medicine and enhance the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. It will also build a new model of interdisciplinary integration of psychoradiology and promote the diagnosis and treatment technology and innovative development in the field of psychoradiology.

Secretary Meng Dong delivers a speech.

Academician Lu Lin extended a warm welcome to all the guests and experts who attended the meeting online and offline, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who have long cared for and supported the development of psychoradiology. Academician Lu Lin mentioned that this forum was held at the right time and honored to have invited many famous experts to deliver brilliant academic lectures.  He hoped that through this academic exchange, new advances, new theories, new knowledge and new techniques of psychoradiology can be brought to the clinic to solve the practical problems of patients, and that through this rare gathering, mutual contact and communication between various regions can be strengthened and the cognition of psychoradiology improved. He believed that the CAP will promote the collaborative innovation of industry, academia, research and medicine, collaborative efforts, complementary advantages and high-quality development in the field of psychoradiology.

Academician Lu Lin delivers a speech.

Afterwards, the “Chinese Association of Psychoradiology” was officially established for operation under the witness of experts and peers.

Launching ceremony of Chinese Association of Psychoradiology

It is followed by the plaque-unveiling ceremony of the CAP.

Vice President Zhang Furen of Shandong First Medical University presents the letter of appointment to Prof. Gong Qiyong, Chairman of CAP. 

Vice President Zhang Furen and Secretary Meng Dong award plaques to the initiating entities of CAP. 

Vice President Zhang Furen, Secretary Meng Dong, Prof. Gong Qiyong and Prof. Gao Jiahong award plaques to the entities of branch centers of the CAP.

In the academic forum, Prof. Gao Jiahong from Peking University shared a lecture with the topic of “The construction of Chinese and Western Human Brain Atlas and Their Similarities and Differences”, focusing on the construction of a large database of brain imaging and the open sharing of resources, and pointing out the possible application directions in the field of mental imaging in the future; Prof. Li Lingjiang from the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University shared his confusion and thoughts on the research of diagnostic markers for mental diseases; Prof. Wang Fei from the Affiliated Brain Hospital of Nanjing Medical University shared a special lecture of precise diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases based on imaging markers; Prof. Zhang Han from ShanghaiTech University shared the latest research progress on three topics: uMR890 magnetic resonance imaging platform, brain aging atlas and atlas technology, and early brain development of infants and children; Prof. Li Zhenlin from West China Hospital of Sichuan University gave a lecture on “Brain Structural and Functional Imaging Technology and Information Processing Standard of Psychoradiology, emphasizing “mutual recognition of results and image homogeneity; data standard and standardization priority”.

Prof. Gao Jiahong gives a lecture on “The construction of Chinese and Western Human Brain Atlas and Their Similarities and Difference” 

Prof. Li Lingjiang gives a lecture on “Diagnostic Markers of Mental Diseases” 

Prof. Wang Fei gives a lecture on “Precise Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Diseases Based on Imaging Markers” 

Prof. Zhang Han gives a lecture on “Domestic High-End Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Brain Function Scientific Research”.

Prof. Li Zhenlin gave a lecture on “Brain Structural and Functional Imaging Technology and Information Processing Standard of Psychoradiology”.

Finally, during the “Expert Talk” of the academic forum  experts from various fields such as imaging, radiology, psychiatry and neurology gathered together and discussed the future of psychoradiology based on the development of the displace by combining research and clinical practice.

Expert Talk

On the same day, the plaque-unveiling ceremony of the West China-United Imaging Psychoradiologic Training Base was also held. In the future, the two parties will jointly train professional and technical talents in the field of psychoradiology, and conduct a series of online and offline training courses and academic forums centered on imaging technology knowledge, clinical practice experience sharing, and exploration of scientific research thinking methods, so as to further improve the professional comprehensive ability of practitioners in the psychoradiologic technology industry, explore the best practices of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders with Chinese characteristics, and improve the homogeneity of clinical treatment in the field of psychoradiology. 

Plaque-unveiling ceremony

In the closing ceremony, Prof. Gong expressed that with the support of experts and scholars present, the CAP will be able to flourish and contribute to the mental health of the people of China and even the world with the aim of solving people's mental health problems!

Group photo of the meeting