Elites in Spine Surgery Gather Together to Build a Better Future |The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Special Committee on Spine Surgery of SCIMEA Successfully Held


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In order to strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation among medical institutions, improve the diagnosis and treatment techniques of spine surgery practitioners in Sichuan province, standardize the treatment process, nursing operation and perioperative management of spine surgery, and promote the further development of spine surgery, the “2023 Annual Meeting of the Special Committee on Spine Surgery of SCIMEA”, sponsored by Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA) and organized by West China Hospital of Sichuan University, was successfully held in Chengdu on March 17-18, 2023. 

In the afternoon of March 17, the second plenary meeting of the first members of the Special Committee on Spine Surgery of SCIMEA was officially held. On behalf of all members, Prof. Wang Beiyu, chairman of the committee, made a report on the establishment of the committee, the annual summary of its work and the work plan for the next year. He also said that since the establishment of the committee, its members have always actively conducted relevant work with “young and middle-aged doctors and nurses” as the main body, “doctor-nurse integration” as the framework, “bringing in” as the core of work, and "going out" as the focus of work, which has strongly promoted the further development of spine surgery in Sichuan and greatly expanded the influence of the discipline. He also gave instructions on the future work plan and direction of the committee.

Prof. Wang Beiyu from West China Hospital, Sichuan University delivers a speech.

On behalf of the SCIMEA, Director Tong Yubo expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the successful convening of this meeting and sincere thanks to all the experts who have long been supporting the development of the SCIMEA. He fully affirmed the fruitful achievements of the Special Committee on Spine Surgery over the past year since its inception; highly praised the innovative exploration of the committee in planning the flash class competition; actively encouraged fellow spine surgeons to continue to practice their wisdom and create more excellent science works in this field in the future to influence and cure more patients, bringing warmth and hope to them and their families! Also, he mentioned that in the future, the SCIMEA will continue to give full play to its professional advantages. And guided by the needs of experts, aiming to promote the innovative development of the discipline, and centered on high-quality academic services, it will continue to provide more professional, accurate and comprehensive services for the committee, and work together with the committee to drive the development of high-quality innovation in spine surgery, and strive to contribute to the construction of a healthy western China.

Mr. Tong Yubo, a director from SCIMEA, delivers a speech.

Flash Class Competition on Popular Science of Spine Surgery

In recent years, the importance of spine surgery has become increasingly prominent as medical technology continues to advance and people become more concerned about their health. In order to further popularize the knowledge of spine surgery and enhance public health awareness and medical literacy, a flash class competition on popular science was initiated by the Department of Spine Surgery of West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Contestants from medical institutions at all levels in the province gave presentations on the practical problems and difficulties encountered by spine surgery patients in the treatment and rehabilitation process. A total of 29 sessions were shared in this competition, and the contestants from 10 cities or prefectures in Sichuan were passionate about discussing the questions and ideas presented by the audiences.

Highlights of Flash Class Competition on Popular Science of Spine Surgery

 Award ceremony

Prof. Liu Hao, honorary chairman of the committee, introduced the flash class on popular science of West China Hospital, Sichuan University. The flash class on popular science was created by Prof. Liu Hao, which is based on clinical work details and small knowledge points, using the form of “flash culture” to make special, vivid image interpretation at fixed time in the daily shift exchange process. The purpose is to help medical staff to learn bit by bit and finally improve their theoretical and practical skills. This form is the first of its kind in the province, and the flash class was warmly received by all workers in the department since its launching, attracting online participation from the West China Orthopaedic Alliance hospitals and gradually expanding to health care workers in spine medicine across the province. Prof. Liu hoped that through the flash class on popular science, resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development can be achieved. He also expected that this activity will play a positive role in promoting the construction of orthopedic discipline, medical technology and research and teaching capabilities of each institutions, and in cultivating high-end talents.

Prof. Liu Hao from West China Hospital, Sichuan University delivers a speech.

Head Nurse Chen Jiali from West China Hospital of Sichuan University, vice chairman of the committee, announced the results of the competition and presented the awards on site. She said that the competition has set up an academic platform for all medical staff to learn and communicate with each other, which will help mobilize medical staff in spine surgery and other related departments to take the initiative to learn and play a positive role in improving their medical quality and teaching and research capabilities, and will ultimately promote the development of spine surgery to a new level.

Photo of the award scene

The success of the annual academic meeting will not only help improve the accumulation of specialized knowledge of medical staff in spine surgery, broaden their academic development perspectives, but also further promote the innovation and development of clinical diagnosis and treatment technology. In the future, the committee will continue to build a platform for medical workers, actively carry out health science education and academic activities in the form of graphic videos and popular science competitions, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality development of spine surgery in Sichuan!

Group photo of all guests.