Standardizing Core Technologies and Focusing on Annual Hot Topics | West China-Mayo International Forum of Critical Care Medicine 2022 Concludes


Open the phone and scan

The four-day-long “West China-Mayo International Forum of Critical Care Medicine 2022” came to an end in Chengdu on November 20. The year’s forum covers the following academic themes: critical circulation, intelligent research of septic shock, critical care research/talent development, critical care weight control and information construction, perioperative critical care/transplant critical care, critical care respiration, extracorporeal life support/critical care coagulation, critical care visualized treatment/critical care trauma, critical care neurology, analgesia and sedation, critical care nursing, critical care infection, respiratory therapy, critical care digestion/nutrition, workshop, and spotlight and other annual academic frontier content in the world.

With a thirty-years-long history, move towards a bright future

After seven yeas’ sessions, the West China-Mayo International Forum of Critical Care Medicine has developed into one of the largest, most influential annual events with the highest academic level in the field of critical care. The success of this forum has comprehensively sorted out the historical development of critical care of West China Hospital for 30 years, summarized the fruitful achievements of critical care of West China Hospital for 30 years, and looked forward to the direction of international academic frontier led by critical care of West China Hospital!

Be the ladder of growth and the stage of tomorrow

The forum set up 1 spotlight session, 2 plenary sessions, 6 online sub-forums, 8 workshops, and 10 offline sub-forums. More than 200 scholars of critical care from home and abroad were invited to gather online and offline, bringing a total of 373 special academic presentations.

The forum was held in a combination of online and offline methods, attracting a record number of participants: more than 20,000 registered delegates online and offline, nearly 500 offline participants, and nearly 20,000 online participants. The participants were from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, as well as 21 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Singapore, etc.

Gather in Chengdu to jointly discuss the subspeciality.

Talk about the annual hot topics in the world.

The “Spotlight” is the grand finale of the forum every year. This year’s “Spotlight” was focused on the hottest and latest research progress in the critical care, extracted from a number of hot issues with attention, novelty and progress into five major topics, which were interpreted and analyzed by outstanding young doctors from the critical care department, while guests with academic influence in the field were invited to make comments.

Prof. Kang Yan, chairman of the forum, gives the closing summary.

The forum focused on the core theme of “standardizing core technologies and focusing on annual hot topics", carried out integration and exchange, empowered critical care practice, realized the forward movement of resources, and extended the concept of rescue and treatment. It built up an international academic exchange platform for multidisciplinary integration and collaborative progress for peers in critical care medicine, and wrote a chapter of communication for critical care practitioners during the special period of the pandemic.

It is believed that the successful holding of this forum will further standardize the process of critical care, enhance the ability of critical care practitioners to provide treatment, and better guard the last line of life of patients! The success of this forum will further improve the level of emergency and critical care discipline, promote the innovation and high-quality development of critical care medicine, and contribute to the construction of a healthy China.

In the first month of winter in Chengdu, the scent of oranges and pomelos wafts through the fresh air

Look forward to meet in person with critical care peers.

Looking forward to your participation in West China-Mayo International Forum of Critical Care Medicine 2023!