Intelligence-supported Medicine, Cluster-based Innovation| The 8th Conference on Biomedical Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Held Online

Under the national development plan guided by “Healthy China” and “Digital China”, in order to promote the development of medical-engineering integration disciplines, deepen medical-engineering cooper....


SCIMEA’s “Little Buttons Children’s Popular Science” Covered by China Social Organization

Recently, the story of SCIMEA’s “Little Buttons Children’s Popular Science” was covered in the18th issue (2022) of China Social Organization.China Social Organization is the only professional journal ....


SCIMEA Sets up Rational Drug Use Branch

In order to promote the training of clinical pharmacists in Sichuan province and western China, propel the development of new drugs and transformation of innovations, better serve patients, and advanc....


2022 West China International Myopia Control and Eye Care Symposium Held Online

In order to share new theories, new progress and new experience in myopia prevention and control, meet the challenges of eye care management, and further promote the myopia control and eye care manage


SCIMEA |Specialized Committee of Molecular Targeted Therapy for Cancer Officially Set Up

Molecular targeted therapy has become one of the main methods for treating malignant tumors. By using small molecule compounds, monoclonal antibodies, peptides and other substances, it specifically in....


Guarding Childhood to Let Children Growing Up Healthy|“SCIMEA 2022Little Buttons Children's Popular Science”—A Project of Sichuan’s First Venture Philanthropy Contest,Achieves Complete Success

In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of accidental injuries among children and adolescents aged 0-18, improve the first aid skills of children, adolescents and parents, and minimize accident....


2022 Academic Conference on New Progress of Trauma Prevention & Control and Orthopedics

To further promote the professional development of trauma and orthopedic medicine in Sichuan province, drive the progress and innovation of trauma and orthopedic medicine, strengthen the communication....


Carrying forward the Century-long Spirit of West China Hospital, Talents Gathered Together to Write a New Chapter of Anesthesiology | 2022 West China Academic Conference on Perioperative Medicine

On July 23, 2022 West China Academic Conference on Perioperative Medicine and the Academic Annual Conference of the Specialized Committee of Anesthesiology of Sichuan International Medical Exchange & ....


The First Tianfu Summit of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Successfully Held in Chengdu!

Gather in Chengdu to discuss anesthesia and look into the future together. In the height of summer, the First Tianfu Summit of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine and the Specialized Forum of Anesthesia and ....