MedComm | Mitochondria as a target in cancer treatment

Mitochondria are biosynthetic, bioenergetic, and signaling organelles existing in almost all eukaryotic cells, and their dysregulated function has been proved to be essential for tumorigenesis, tumor ....



MedComm | De novo lipogenesis is elicited dramatically in human hepatocellular carcinoma especially in hepatitis C virus‐induced hepatocellular carcinoma

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the third leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, which has drew much attention of researchers. Notably, it has been proved that, in the process of hepatocarcinogen....



MedComm | Neurologic manifestations of nonhospitalized patients with COVID‐19 in Wuhan, China

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) had spread to every continent, with more than 4 million confirmed cases all over the world by May 9, 2020. However, due to lack of awareness of the atypical neu....



MedComm | Enhancing anticancer activity of checkpoint immunotherapy by targeting RAS

Though checkpoint immunotherapy has seemed to achieve much success in clinic application these days, a huge proportion of patients with RAS-driven tumors are still suffering from resistance



MedComm | Vitamin intervention for cytokine storm in the patients with coronavirus disease 2019

Recently, Jian‐Sheng Kang reported a strategy for protecting patients with COVID-19, based on vitamin intervention for cytokine storm. As the global pandemic is still growing, if the vitamin intervent....



MedComm | A dual MET/AXL small‐molecule inhibitor exerts efficacy against gastric carcinoma through killing cancer cells as well as modulating tumor microenvironment

There are two kinds of receptor tyrosine kinases --MET and AXL --which are intimately bound up with tumorigenesis and aggressiveness of multiple malignancies. However, the molecular mechanism of MET a....



MedComm | Intermedin promotes vessel fusion by inducing VE‐cadherin accumulation at potential fusion sites and to achieve a dynamic balance between VE‐cadherin‐complex dissociation/reconstitution

A closed vascular system is always established by vessel fusion. However, it has been an unsolved mystery that how vessel fusion happened in this process. In this study, Lingmiao Kong et al reported t....



MedComm | Metabolism in tumor microenvironment: Implications for cancer immunotherapy

Recently, tumor immunotherapy based on T cells has given patients new hope, however, its problem of low response rate sometimes leads to poor prognosis. That means new strategies sensitizing cancer im....



MedComm | Engineered biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has recently drawn much attention for its potentiality on clinic. However, the problem of side effects induced by poor selectivity and high doses still exists. In this review, Lul....